Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Paul Burgess in Action

Paul Burgess is an old art school friend of ours back then we thought he was a bit Bowie-esque which can't be a bad thing. He is an illustrator, photographer, artist, lecturer, pop culture obsessive and co-author with Alan Parker of the acclaimed book Satellite: Sex Pistols a comprehensive record of Sex Pistols memorabilia. Paul is a bit of an expert on punk graphics and has a huge collection of them as well as clothing, tickets ,posters, original scraps of paper with lyrics on and so on which are complied in the book. The book also suggests a site seeing tour of key London locations in the Sex Pistols story.
More recently Paul has also spent six years photographing and filming Jarvis Cocker and Pulp one day he promises there will be a book and film at some point in the future.
Paul had an exhibition of paintings and collages in our Floral St shop in 1997. He is currently course leader for illustration at the University of Brighton.  
The other day he kindly posed in a box for that other Burro favourite Ivan Jones wearing our Action Time Vision intarsia jumper from AW02.

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