Thursday, 1 March 2012

Roger Wade Entrepreneur

Roger hails from our old South East London stomping ground. We started ground breaking streetwear label Boxfresh with Roger and Ben Joseph in a council business centre in Deptford in the summer of 1990.

The following January we made our first foray into the international world of fashion with Roger when we drove to Paris through the snow with a collection strapped to the roof of his dad's car. Roger's plan was to use his charm and tenacity to hi-jack customers from one of the big trade shows, drag them to a hotel room and ply them with cheap red wine to get them place an order.

Roger's considerable business instinct was as apparent then as it is now, Boxfresh was sold to Pentland in 2005 and last Autumn he opened Boxpark in Shoreditch High St, a" pop up mall" made from shipping containers...... he used to go on about shipping containers in the early nineties we just did n't know why!

Here's Roger in the Brighton sunshine shot by Ivan Jones sporting Burro shirt and scarf from AW11.