Friday, 24 June 2011

Ai Wei Wei- free at last... last chance.

We have to admit to a slight obsession with Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei, he most famously of the ceramic sunflower seeds at the Tate.

He's just been released from being held for 80 days by the Chinese authorities on charges of "tax evasion". Hmmm... Anyway, he's out and despite losing about a third of his body weight (he had a lot to lose) he's looking pretty good.

What better time then to visit his installation at Somerset House. It's strangely moving and impressive. Huge bronze Chinese Zodiac heads around a fountain-filled courtyard. Lovely!
If you're in central London this weekend make sure you go and have a look. It finishes this Sunday on the 26th so get your skates on. It's on the Strand just past Waterloo Bridge.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Burro on The Fashionisto

One of our favourite menswear blogs is the rather inspired The Fashionisto. They've done a nice posting of the Burro SS11 shoot by photographer Ivan Jones. Check it out here:

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Turner Contemporary Margate

We own up to not being that crazy about Turner as a painter but we're glad he has inspired the building of the Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate.

On our first visit we liked.....
The big north facing window with Daniel Buren's work in situ Borrowing and Multiplying the Landscape part of the opening show Revealed:Turner Contemporary Opens.

The celebrated Margate light.

The space and height.
The way view of the building from the end of the harbour wall makes sense.

The gallery staff are excellent well trained, knowledgeable and engaging.
The cafe, the menu, the terrace and the staff.
The mix of visitors- the obvious arty types and lots of interested local people who are probably not regular gallery goers.

It's free !

Our  misgivings were that...
The opening show did not seem big enough there is feeling of emptiness and unused space.
The building feels a bit back to front we found ourselves hoping for a balcony overlooking the sea.

Overall we reckon it's fab we'll be checking out the next show in September -Nothing in the World but Youth.