Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Where Are They Now? part 2

Way back in 2000 Burro collaborated with young musician Jim Wood. We first heard him through his bedroom window (which was in our street) playing Jimmy Hendrix guitar solos. We got Jim to put together the soundtrack to our 2001 Paris catwalk, he played live at the show.....

and contributed a track to the 7” single we put together as a giveaway at the show under the name Jinyl Vunkies alongside Hefner, Murray the Hump and long time Burro associate “Electro Bizarro” aka Justin Anderson.

Later Jim modelled for some of our photoshoots and became something of a fixture in our studio. Much tea was drunk.

We were really pleased to encounter him again the other day playing guitar with “post-dubstep”(!) sensation Jamie Woon. To avoid confusion he’s playing under the nom de plume Royce Wood Jr. . We sneaked onto the guestlist for Jamie’s show at the Scala which was quite frankly splendid. We couldn’t help but think of the rambling vocal and minimal electronic sound of early Fingers Inc., which is a good thing in our book.

Our only gripe was that Jim (Royce) was sitting down for the whole gig so we couldn’t get a decent shot of him!

The debut Woon album has just been released to general acclaim, we’ll definitely be putting it on our Christmas list. As ever, if you fancy a freebie in these straitened times you can get the track "Blue Truth" for free here: http://www.jamiewoon.com/news/2010/12/blue-truth-(sc)