Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Nothing in the World But Youth, Turner Contemporary Margate

Teenagers lives have changed a lot over the years but society's attitude to them is consistent, whilst their youth and energy is valued and envied their unpredictability and explosiveness is often feared and they are often viewed in a negative light. Nothing in the World But Youth at Turner Contemporary reminds us that being a teenager whether you know it or not at the time is an important and highly creative period of your life.
Margate with all it's seaside town associations inspired this show it's long been a place where young people have gathered to have fun, dress up, mess about and experiment.
 There is work from a diverse selection of ninety four known and lesser known painters, photographers, writers, film makers and so on and there is even work by the teenage Turner himself.
We particularly liked: Mark Leckey's 1999 film Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore complied from found footage taken the inside clubs in the 70s,80s, and 90s, David Haines pencil drawing Nike Air Sneakers vs Colonel Sanders, Julian Germain's classroom portraits and the photographs and the piece in the fanzine-y style catalogue by Margate born writer Iain Aitch called Can't go on no more:A personal history of Margate's youth culture.

There is loads to see so you might have to have more than one awayday, but that's ok because the light over the sea keeps changing, the local chips are cheap, it's free and it's on until 8th January 2012. Get down there.